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A headshot of Barbara Bar-Imhoof Barbara Baer-Imhoof Assistant Specialist in Entomology

Topics: The Life of a Hive
Work of a Scientist
Outreach and Extension
Living and Working Overseas

Preferred Media: Print, Radio, Video

Languages Spoken: English, German

Contact Card

Tel: (951) 827-3527

Media Contact: Sarah Nightingale
Tel: (951) 827-4580


Barbara Baer-Imhoof is an assistant specialist in entomology who studies immunity, ecology, and host-parasite interactions as well as reproduction in honey bees and bumblebees. She supports the Baer lab in the development of experimental designs and protocols, using classical behavioral ecology approaches as well as custom-designed lab experiments to answer research questions. She is also the Baer lab manager.

From 2008 to 2017, she was the outreach officer at the Center of Integrative Bee Research (CIBER) at the University of Western Australia, where she closely collaborated with beekeeping industry professionals to organize bee-related events and exhibitions. She was involved in the making of the documentary “More than Honey” and has organized and attended movie screenings all over Australia.

Barbara now serves on the outreach committee of UCR’s Department of Entomology and was involved in the formation of the new CIBER at UCR, which is dedicated to research on safeguarding pollinator health in the USA.

Barbara holds a bachelor’s in biology from the University of Zurich, a Ph.D. in natural sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology (ETH) in Zurich, and an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

On The Life of a Hive

Baer-Imhoof can speak about the life of a bee hive, why our bees are threatened, and UCR’s collaborative efforts to safeguard their services to pollinate our food.

On Work of a Scientist

Baer-Imhoof can talk about how scientists form hypotheses and answer their questions by designing and running experiments and doing statistical tests.

On Outreach and Extension

Baer-Imhoof can talk about organizing outreach events, conference planning, and collaborations, particularly with Australian beekeepers.

On Living and Working Overseas

Baer-Imhoof can talk about living and working in Switzerland, Denmark, Australia and the United States.