University of California, Riverside


Rebekah A. Richert Associate Professor of Psychology

Topics: Religion and children
Children and fiction (fantasy, TV, movies)
Children and the Media

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Tel: 951-827-4804

Media Contact: John Warren


Richert studies how cultural factors and children’s developing social cognition influence their understanding of religion, fantasy, and media. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.

On Religion and children

Richert is an expert in how parents’ engagement with young children in religion impacts their concepts of God and the supernatural.

On Children and fiction (fantasy, TV, movies)

Richert is an expert in how children engage with screen characters, in terms of learning, and distinguishing fantasy from reality. Her research indicates that the more realistic the fictional character, the greater the learning.

On Children and the Media

Richert is an expert on media and marketing impact on children, and the intricate relationships children develop with fictional characters. She can speak to what constitutes a healthy media diet for a child.