University of California, Riverside


Richard A. Minnich Professor of Earth Sciences

Topics: Wildfires

Preferred Media: Print, Radio, Video

Languages Spoken: English

Contact Card

Tel: (951) 827-5515

Media Contact: Sean Nealon
Tel: (951) 827-1287


Rich Minnich received his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1978.

On Wildfires

Rich Minnich is an expert on the fire ecology of Southern California, Baja California, and temperate Mexico. He can comment, too, on how exotic plant invasions and climate change influence wildfires. He has given numerous media interviews, speaking in detail on topics including (a) problems that can arise due to fire suppression, (b) the impact of dry weather and drought on wildfires, (c) the contribution of air pollution to wildfires, and (d) solutions to addressing wildfires.
Recent projects that Rich Minnich has been working on include: the fire history and vegetation dynamics in the Sierra San Pedro Martir, Baja California, Mexico; changes in the coastal sage scrub of the Riverside/Perris plain; fire and postfire succession in the Mojave Desert; exotic/native herb dynamics in California annual grassland; Holocene fire occurrence in the Mojave Desert; and the stable isotopic composition of precipitation in Southern California (with Alan Williams).