University of California, Riverside


A headshot of Theodore Garland. Theodore Garland Distinguished Professor of Biology

Topics: Adaption and Plasticity
Evolution of Animals
Evolutionary Physiology
Genetics of Behavior

Preferred Media: Print, Radio, Video

Languages Spoken: English

Contact Card

Tel: (951) 827-3524

Media Contact: Sarah Nightingale
Tel: (951) 827-4580


Theodore Garland, Jr., Ph.D., is an evolutionary biologist specializing in exercise behavior, physiology, and genetics.  He is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology at UC Riverside.  Garland is also the Director of IDEA, the UCR Institute for the Development of Educational Applications.

Garland earned his doctorate at the University of California, Irvine, then conducted postdoctoral training at the University of Washington.  After this, he served on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 14 years, before moving to UCR in 2001.

On Adaption and Plasticity

Garland can speak about how animals adapt to physiological and environmental challenges.

On Evolution of Animals

Garland can speak about how animals have changed (genetically) across generations. His research focuses on lizards, snakes, and small mammals, but translates to larger animals.

On Evolutionary Physiology

Garland is an expert in evolutionary physiology, which is the study of how and why the way organisms work has changed over time.

On Genetics of Behavior

Garland can speak about the genetic mechanisms that underlie animal behavior.