University of California, Riverside


Thomas Scott Adjunct Asst. Professor/Natural Resource Specialist

Topics: Wildfires

Preferred Media: Print, Radio, Video

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Tel: (951) 827-5115

Media Contact: Sean Nealon
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Tom Scott is a natural resource specialist at the Center for Conservation Biology.

On Wildfires

Tom Scott studies wildlife conservation and can speak to the effect wildfires have on animal habitat, and on the land that sits between the suburban developments of the cities and the tourist towns of the highlands. “We have 1,900 kilometers of houses that back up to wild lands in Riverside County alone,” he said. “How could we not have problems with that kind of juxtaposition of people and brush fire territory? Along that margin, anything can happen. This area fell between the cracks for decades.” Scott serves on the committee reviewing Riverside County’s Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan.