University of California, Riverside


Yolanda Moses Yolanda T. Moses Professor of Anthropology, Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Excellence and Equity

Topics: Race and Society

Preferred Media: Print, Radio, Video

Contact Card

Tel: (951) 827-7741, (951) 827-6223

Media Contact: Tess Eyrich
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Moses is recognized nationally as an expert on diversity and higher education. Her research focuses on the broad question of the origins of social inequality in complex societies.  She has explored gender and class disparities in the Caribbean, East Africa and in the United States. More recently, her research has focused on issues of diversity and change in universities and colleges in the United States, India, Europe and South Africa. She is currently involved with several national higher education projects with the National Council for Research on Women, Campus Women Lead and The Women of Color Research Collective.

As president of the American Anthropological Association in the mid-1990s Moses led the effort to develop a traveling exhibit and website about race, “RACE: Are We So Different?” She is one of eight curators of the project, which was funded by the Ford Foundation.

On Race and Society

The point of the “RACE: Are We So Different?” project is to change the way Americans talk about race, Moses says. The goal is to make sure teachers get the information they need to change the way they teach in class, for colleagues and co-workers to be able to talk about race in the workplace, and for parents to be able to talk to their children about a subject that is still taboo in American society.